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Our members trade with us, get social media coverage, special offers and priority booking opportunities.

Since 2010 SHOPFEST  has hosted Craft, Gift & Lifestyle Fairs in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire supporting thousands of small independent businesses and creatives, from artists, crafters and designers. We have also owned a Craft and Gift shop in the past which showcased a range of products from small independent businesses and creatives. We have a strong reputation for well organised, professional events that offer a selection of high quality, unique and fabulous products. We constantly receive feedback from our customers and exhibitors saying how impressed they are with the variety and quality of goods on offer. With the introduction of online events we have found our  followers and exhibitors are from all over the UK and we would like to offer you the opportunity to join our community of exhibitors to promote and sell your products. 

Online Store Terms and Conditions. 

  1. SHOPFEST will create one business advertising button for the Member at The Market Place for the required length of time.
  2. The Exhibitor will appear on SHOPFEST Social pages once per month for the required amount of time.

    Each member is expected to promote the Market place at least once a month for the duration of their membership.

  3. Any currently paid up Member will be given early notification of venue events.
  4. The Member will be solely responsible for all subsequent contact with other social media users and customers in terms of sales or services or any other matters whatsoever . The customer accepts full responsibility for their products and must comply with all legal and safety standards. 
  5. SHOPFEST will not be responsible for any issues with the trader's technical issues with Instagram , Internet or other social media or website. 
  6. In the event of any disruption or cancellation or promotion or hosting of The Market Place due to illness, technical , internet or power issues arising which is the responsibility of SHOPFEST (i.e if  SHOPFEST  has such issues and we are unable to upload your advertisement and link as agreed) the Membership would be extended for that period at no charge.
  7. All payments to SHOPFEST are non-refundable and non-transferrable when booked, in the case of customer cancellation.
  8. SHOPFEST reserve the right to remove or not to post any page that is unsuitable , hazardous or not as declared .  The decision SHOPFEST decision is final in all matters relating to the Online Store. Alcohol may not be sold online.  


NB: SHOPFEST in all instances denotes SHOPFEST & The Handmade Affair.

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What is a member?

A member is likely to be a sole-trader or micro-business owner who sells a small range of unique hand produced products or sells independently sourced manufactured products.  Our members are a mix of creatives and entrepreneurs.  

Member Benefits:

  • STORE FONT:  A dedicated 'button graphic' for your business with a live link to one chosen internet site . This could be your website or Instagram or Facebook or Etsy etc
  • EARLY BIRD BOOKING TO SHOPFEST & THE HANDMADE AFFAIR VENUE EVENTS: Our actively currently members receive early access to SHOPFEST & The Handmade Affair trading slots which are sought after. Our events are always sold out and we see events becoming smaller in the future due to the ongoing health situation, so demand for exhibitor space will increase.
  • ONE content created post to appear once per month across our Social Media Channels in addition to general promotion of the MARKET PLACE to include one of your products. You don't need to do a thing we create this using images from you Insta grids!
  • PROMOTION of the MARKET PLACE in our e-mailing list.
  • UPDATE YOUR IMAGES as often as you like for a charge of £4.50 per image. Just email us to le tus know and we will supply full instructions.


How it works:

The Market Place provides an advertising opportunity for your business with a live link to one chosen internet site. This could be your website or Instagram or Facebook or Etsy, etc. As the Market Place grows we may introduce categories if needed but at the moment we want to make it as simple as possible for customers to view. 


If you would like to become an Exhibitor,  please book here  and we will send you a form to fill out which will ask you for the following information:


1. A clear sharp image 

2. Logo

3. Business title and tag line

4. Brief business description or Bio.

5. Business Internet Link to your chosen site. 

6. Product Classification  Eg Handmade. Non'Handmade and a sub-classification (e.g. Fashion, Jewellery, Homeware, Garden etc.) . 


We will then create your online advertisement for your business in The Market Place . We will advise you when it is 'Live'. Customers will then shop and contact you directly. 

How do I become a member?

*Click HERE to join.

 Membership costs £35 per year, payable in advance. We do not charge commission and there are no hidden charges.





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